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Ryan McVay

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Research collected by psychologist Jeremy Dean indicates the ideal workplace has lots of curves rather than just straight edges, a calming view to the outside environment, plants, and attention to decorations. It's also not open plan. – PsyBlog

Last-place finishers deserve recognition

Modern organizations focus on winners, but entrepreneur Seth Godin says you can encourage success by honouring the dedication, perseverance and hard work marked by the Red Lantern – the prize given to the final finisher of the gruelling Iditarod dog race. – Seth's Blog

Focus your networking on those you know

Blogger John Corcoran suggests following the 80-20 rule for networking. Spend 80 per cent of your time connecting with people you know (they are likely to be a gateway to others) and 20 per cent with new people. – Dumb Little Man

Tips to improve your listening skills

When listening, maintain your calm to be sure you're not in a rush, advises trainer Dan Rockwell. Ask at least three questions before making one statement. Test and explore, rather than defend. And forget your answer but explore theirs. – Leadership Freak

Guard credit cards with a smart wallet

The Ping is a smart wallet for credit cards that can be synced to your smartphone and alert you when a credit card has been lost by keeping tabs on which credit cards have been removed but not returned in a short period of time. –

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