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Recruiting expert Lou Adler recommends asking job candidates: "What single project or task would you consider the most significant accomplishment in your career so far?" That can lead to an illuminating conversation, exploring everything from why the person was chosen for the initiative to how they overcame difficulties. Linked-In

Recipients prefer hearing bad news first

In providing feedback, should you begin with the good news or the bad news? Recent research suggests the primary beneficiary of the classic strategy of sandwiching bad news between two items of good is the giver, not the receiver, of the information. Most people prefer getting the bad news first. PsyBlog

How to tell whether you're leading

Leadership blogger Ron Edmondson says you're not leading if nothing is being changed, no paradigms are being challenged, there are competing visions rather than clarity on your approach, everyone is complaining (or alternatively, being "happy" has become a key goal), and nobody is being stretched.

Answer product questions, land the sale

On website product pages, it's crucial you answer questions people have about your product rather than providing a minimum of information. At the same time, keep descriptions to the point – don't get wordy – and help prospects make comparisons between different options, with tools and comparable information on each. Nielsen Norman Group

Motivate yourself with a journal app

Taking stock of your progress each day can be key to success and consultant Anese Cavanaugh recommends buying the Five Minute Journal, an app that allows you to record your intentions at the start of the day, what you're grateful for, and, at day's end, what was accomplished.

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