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When moving individuals into management, consultant Wally Bock advises checking they have previously demonstrated three essential abilities: A willingness to decide, a willingness to make uncomfortable decisions, and the ability to enjoy helping other people to succeed. Three Star Leadership Blog

Break through by being different

Entrepreneur Seth Godin says the sound of a small bell during a dark night appears louder than the din of traffic outside your window during rush hour. The marketing message: Surprise and differentiation have far more impact than advertising noise and clutter does. Seth's Blog

Commit to change with an oath

Consultant Kevin Eikenberry suggests a Hippocratic-like oath for leaders, with these commitments on change management: I solemnly pledge to start communicating early and regularly, to ask more questions, to create conversation rather than more PowerPoint slides, to acknowledge and understand resistance, to be patient.Kevin Eikenberry's Blog

Mix things up to keep millennials

Brian Halligan, CEO of software maker HubSpot, says that since Gen Yers crave learning, his company aims to have a solid percentage of the young staff change jobs every three months. He tracks the percentage of such changes and worries that, if it starts to dip, they will soon be leaving. New York Times

Keep formatting consistent in Word

To have Microsoft Word check for formatting inconsistencies, display the Word Options dialogue box, click advanced, and then in the editing options section, check the Mark Formatting Inconsistencies box. In pre-2007 versions of the software, click Options and then the Edit tab to find the Keep Track of Formatting box. Allen Wyatt's WordTips

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