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Since talented people want to work with other gifted folk, recruitment specialist John Sullivan suggests when a candidate is wavering in the final interview show her résumés of team members to demonstrate the education, experience and capabilities of the group she will be joining.

Ways to make meetings more productive

Meetings expert Dick Axelrod suggests making them more effective by asking participants what they need to be fully attentive. It might be a specific piece of information, the knowledge someone can leave at a certain time, or a chance to vent about having been trapped in meetings all day.

Be specific about corporate videos

When you present informational videos on your website, visitors will be wary about wasting time. Tell them in advance what the video is about, don't waste their time with bumph on your firm, and make sure the information in the video is available in other ways for non-viewers. Nielsen Norman Group

Common ownership hurts airlines

Research on airlines suggests when companies in the same industry have the same institutional investors as owners price goes up and quality goes down. Rates on routes dominated by airlines with common shareholders are 5 per cent higher than with separate ownership and volume 6 per cent lower. Ross Thought In Action

App customizes Windows menu

You can increase your productivity by using a free app that customizes the Windows right context menu. Tech writer Aseem Kishore suggests Easy Context Menu,Right Click Context Menu Adder, or File Menu Tools.Online-Tech-Tips

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