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Code red the tasks you need to do

Colour code your to-do list, advises productivity writer Damian Pros, with top-priority work in red, medium-priority in black, and low-priority in blue. To prevent procrastination, for every task in blue you need two higher-priority tasks to ensure you aren't hiding work there to avoid it. –

Try this formula to evaluate a CEO

Bryant University professor Michael Roberto says we should borrow from the new baseball metric WARP, wins above replacement player, which calculates how much value the individual provides above and beyond a hypothetical average player. Use this formula to find out how much a CEO contributes. – Professor Michael Roberto's Blog

Ask five questions to hone your plan

London Business School professor Freek Vermeulen recommends these five strategy questions: What does not fit? What would an outsider do if in charge? Is my organization consistent with my strategy? Do I understand why we act in this way? What are the long-term consequences of key strategic actions? – Harvard Business Review Blogs

Ask this question to glean a lot

Becca Brown, who co-founded Solemates women's shoe-care products, likes to ask this question when assessing a job candidate: "What's your favourite part of your current job?" It gives insight into personality and character, and shows where they might thrive. – Business Insider

Make the most of your screen

To divide your desktop screen into multiple parts and see several windows at the same time, tech writer Aseem Kishore recommends two freeware apps: Win-Split Revolution or GridVista . – Online Tech Tips

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