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A classic three-olive martini.Thinkstock

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Waterloo, Ont.-based consultants Samantha and Marc Hurwitz recommend a "three-olive martini" to solving problems. Not the drink, but thinking of each olive as a different approach: a quantity solution, when you need to do more or less of something; an adaptation solution, where you make a tweak; and an innovative solution where you do something new. When you face a tough challenge, throw all three olives into the mix. Fliptips Newsletter

10 words to make staff accountable

Toronto-based business consultant Donald Cooper recommends that every time you assign a project or task, include these crucial 10 words: "By when can we agree that this will be completed?" It will help build accountability. Donald Cooper Corporation Newsletter

Questions you never thought to ask writer Samuel Wagreich collected bizarre questions that companies ask in interviews, such as: "Which song best describes your work ethic?" (Dell Inc.), "If we came to your house for dinner what would you prepare for us?" (Trader Joe's), "On a scale from one to 10, rate me as an interviewer" (Kraft Foods).

You're not always on centre stage

Stop believing that everyone cares about everything you say and do, says executive coach Gary Cohen. The world actually watches few of us, he notes: "Live your life, not the one you think others want you to live."

Tripped up by grammar? This pen's for you

The Lernstift pen vibrates when you make a spelling or grammatical mistake, or when your writing becomes illegible. Sadly, the pen is still in development.