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Trimming your must-do list Add to ...

Cutting down on the must-do items

Make a list of everything you must accomplish this week. Then eliminate five items, by delegating them, rescheduling them for later in the month, absorbing them into tasks with a similar process or outcome, putting them on a "some day" list for when you may have more time, or eliminating them because it's not that important. Daytimer Blog


Don't forget your promises

Keep lists of promises you make to accomplish certain tasks in a "Due List." ProfessorFord.com


Tap the power of wild ideas

Amy Gutmann, president of the University of Pennsylvania, says leaders must encourage wild ideas. She routinely throws them out for assessment, saying "this is my wild idea of the week," and encourages others to share their innovative ideas, with the proviso that everyone recognize that most wild and crazy ideas are destined to be shot down. She holds a weekly meeting, without any agenda and with what she calls "the inglorious title" of Discussion Group, to surface ideas. New York Times News Service


Set time limits on website visits

KeepMeOut allows you to set limits on how many times you can visit a website in a given length of time. So if you have a favourite site that is drawing you away from work, go to KeepMeOut.com, name the site, create a special bookmark you drag to your browser, and every additional time you try to visit the site during the time period you will be blocked - unless you cheat and use another bookmark for entry. AddictiveTips.com

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