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Turn the tables on job interviewers

Here are some tough questions to ask of job interviewers: Why is your company a good fit for me? Why do you like this company? What don't you like about this company and what is its greatest flaw? What are the three traits your best employees have in common?

Get answers with yes/no questions

Avoid open-ended questions in e-mail. Use simple yes/no or multiple-option questions to indicate exactly what you want to know from the recipient. If you have an open-ended question, consider a meeting instead. Also, highlight key information in e-mails, such as dates and times for appointments or corrected information.

Exercise caution with interim CEOs

Interim chief executive officers are prone to inflating company earnings to improve their chance of promotion, a new study finds. Firms should think carefully before appointing an interim CEO, the researchers state, or – if unavoidable – develop clear targets for the person's term and assess more than financial results. Academy of Management Journal

Don't review tasks; look ahead instead

When reviewing the previous week, entrepreneur Seth Godin says instead of writing a list of tasks you accomplished, ask yourself what difficult questions remain unanswered; which long-term goals lacked progress; what risky, generous acts worked; and what things weren't on your to-do list, but could be. Seth's Blog

Protect your phone from hackers

When your phone's WiFi is automatically enabled, you can be connected to an insecure network without even realizing it and have vital information stolen by hackers, tech writer Josh Althuser writes. Use your phone's WiFi feature, if available, to turn WiFi off when away from your saved networks. Computerworld

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