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Want to change? Focus on the benefits

Focus on benefits to alter behaviour

If there's a behaviour you want to change about yourself, executive coach Marshall Goldsmith suggests using a technique picked up from psychologist Nathaniel Branden: State what you want to accomplish and what the benefit will be. For example, "When I get better at being open to differing opinions, I will hear more great ideas."

Keep doing this, not simply to give yourself more reasons but perhaps to discover an important benefit you may be suppressing. Marshall Goldsmith's Library

It's the pause that refreshes

When you're speaking, make sure you take time to pause, says entrepreneur Nilofer Merchant. The pause is the space in which an idea is shared and understood. "Everything important happens in the pause," she stresses.

Hit the hay, hold the java

Author and speaker Jon Gordon advises: "Get more sleep. You can't replace sleep with a double latte." Jon Gordon's Blog

Where to turn when you want to vent

Happiily is a Canadian website that allows employees anonymously to share their feelings about the workplace, and provide employers with an aggregate reading of mood.