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Want to make that sale? Return that phone call. Now.

Marketing consultant April Dunford says that while inside sales reps like to strategize about what is the best time of day to return calls, the fact is that the faster you call back a prospect, the more likely he or she is to pick up a phone. Your chances of making contact with a lead is 100 times greater if you call within five minutes than 30 minutes, and the chances of actually entering into the sales cycle are 21 times greater with that earlier return call, research by shows.

Three key mistakes new managers make

Leadership trainer Dan Rockwell cites three big mistakes new leaders make. First, they forget that their arrival stresses others, including the people who hired them. Next, they feel they have to prove their technical skills, which was already accomplished when they were hired. And third, they reach for big wins, rather than grabbing low-hanging fruit that would get them further as the small wins add up. Leadership Freak blog

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Websites more stable, but tweaks still abound

Web design is stabilizing, with the average home page only 40 per cent different than a year ago compared with 100-per-cent change annually in the mid-1990s and 50 per cent to 60 per cent change in the middle of the last decade, according to research by design consultant Jakob Nielsen. Of course, that still suggests a home page is totally redesigned every 2.5 years. Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox

Reducing that annoying 'reply to all'

To reduce the number of people in your organization replying to all in their e-mails (and in the process wasting the time of a lot of people), IT expert Nathan Zeldes suggests trying Sperry Software's Reply To All Monitor Add-In for Microsoft Outlook . This software triggers a pop-up confirmation request when a sender clicks Reply to All.

Or consider the No Reply All Outlook Add-In, from Microsoft Research , which adds two buttons to the Outlook ribbon that allow the sender to prevent recipients of a message from Forwarding or Replying to All.

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