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Just as we hope for peace in the world, members of workplace teams want peace, says consultant and author Patrick Lencioni. They want everyone trusting each other and aligned on a common cause. But too often leaders look the other way when they sense peace is threatened on their teams. The Table Group

Leaders: Don't value conformity

Strategy guru Gary Hamel says most organizations are feudal at their core, with dangerous distinctions between thinkers and doers – the executive class and everyone else. Most leaders overvalue alignment and conforming while undervaluing differing opinions and heresy. That keeps organizations substantially less capable than they might be. Harvard Business Review Blogs

Don't let the CEO choose a successor

A study of companies where the CEOs handpicked their successors found that almost 80 per cent underperformed the stock market during their tenure. Stanford University Professor David Larcker warns CEOs don't have experience in picking a replacement, are preoccupied with personal legacy, and might pick someone just like them. Insights By Stanford Business

Make the subject line match the content

When the subject changes in an e-mail string, consultant Kevin Daum suggests changing the subject line. That clarifies the focus in the discussion and makes it easier to search for details later.

A to-do list based on task types

The Timeful app offers a to-do list for three different task types – events, to-dos, and habits. Events can be scheduled by the time, tasks by the deadline, and habits at designated frequencies and times daily or weekly.

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