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Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté wants to make the world more fun.SERGEI REMEZOV/Reuters

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Venture capitalist Anthony Tjan found three motivating purposes for billionaires: making the world more beautiful, by helping us to look, eat, and live more beautifully; making the world more fun, as Walt Disney and Cirque de Soleil have done; and making the world smart and more efficient. Harvard Business Review Blogs

Keep a running list to fill empty jobs

Entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan says most leaders fill slots as they arise, but that's the wrong way to collect talent. You should be a talent impresario, always scouting for enviable prospects, with a top five list always at hand.

Welcome new staff with personal note

Karin Hurt was impressed by a leader who, when somebody joins his team, writes down "why I hired you," frames it, and gives it to the person. She identified three areas she appreciates about each of her direct reports, and e-mailed them the praise. Let's Grow Leaders blog

Experience not always asset for CEO

When looking for a new CEO, experience is seen as an asset. But research by academics Monika Hamori and Burak Koyuncu found that prior CEOs performed worse than their peers without such experience, with return on assets 48 per cent lower. MITSloan Management Review

Reminder app works for both IOS, Android

Tech writer Hamza Khalid says Any.DO is the most popular reminder app for both iOS and Android, offering many different ways to create reminders and trigger alerts.

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