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Many companies are choosing young “leapfrog” leaders.

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Boston Consulting Group notes that corporate directors are increasingly reaching down below the second layer of management to pick younger, innovative, "leapfrog leaders" as CEOs. Examples: Yahoo's Marissa Mayer, Burger King's Daniel Schwartz, and Electronic Arts' Andrew Wilson, all in their 30s when promoted. BCG Perspectives

A twist on the Peter Principle

The Peter Principle, enunciated in 1969, stated that in a hierarchy each employee tends to be promoted to the level of their incompetence. Entrepreneur Seth Godin's corollary for today highlights confidence: In every organization with upward mobility people are promoted until they reach the point where they lose their nerve. Seth's Blog

A discussion led by Post-it notes

Executive Karin Hurt suggests opening up a discussion of dysfunctional behaviour at work by giving team members Post-it notes on which they can identify actions that get in the way of progress. Place them on a wall, cluster them by similarity, circle the biggest problems, and discuss. Let's Grow Leaders

Ask advice when in a 'stretch' role

When handed a stretch assignment, blogger Alison Green recommends not being afraid to ask others for advice (even if you're leading a project, you don't have to go it alone), checking in with your manager more frequently than usual, and planning in advance for what could go wrong to prevent it. The Fast Track Blog

Volume control for videos

Volumouse is a simple computer app that allows you to control the volume of videos by using the mouse wheel while the alt key is pressed – or some other combination of keys. Online-Tech-Tips

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