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Loyalty expert Paul Hebert says the reason employee engagement is weak is because workers expect fairness from their employers and aren't getting it. They are asked to do more with less while not receiving a balanced share of corporate resources in return. The Symbolist

Five attributes of a great boss

When people were asked about their best boss for the book Rapid Realignment, the most comment responses were: My best boss listened, my best boss backed me up, my best boss trusted and respected me, my best boss gave me feedback, and my best boss left me alone. Eric Jacobson on Management and Leadership

Feedback in five words or fewer

How about a five-word performance review? Entrepreneur Paul English takes employees to lunch, hands them a piece of paper with five words of feedback (such as attentive, untrusting, too cautious), and they discuss. For each word, he adds brief explanations.

The problem with star performers

Studying attrition at its own workplace, Deloitte Consulting found employees who repeatedly worked in teams with other star performers tended to leave at a higher rate. Possible explanations are the performance and expectation bar was raised too high or a pecking order in the group emerged that discouraged the individual.

Speed up videos to save time

Information overload expert Nathan Zeldes recommends MySpeed, which changes the speed of videos on YouTube and other websites so you can move through them quicker – up to five times the regular speed. He recommends 1.2 times regular speed as comfortable for listening, and higher to zip to an important part.

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