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The secret ingredient that we miss when delegating, according to consultant David Dye, is sharing – when you delegate you share responsibility rather than giving up responsibility. You are still responsible to ensure your team achieves what you delegated, so schedule the follow up at the same time you delegate the task. Lead Change Group

Morning is best for big decisions

Make big decisions in the morning, advises neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. Each time you make a decision, whether simple or complex, it uses some of your neuro-resources. As you spend your day making little decisions, when it comes time to make a big important one you'll be neurologically depleted.

Put big projects on hold in the summer

Productivity specialist Mike Vardy recommends steering clear of big projects in summer if at all possible, since vacations will get in the way. Stick with small projects that can be done in bursts but avoid intense, complicated challenges since they won't get the attention they deserve. The Productivityist Newsletter

Don't make these three mistakes

Consultants Jeremy Eden and Terri Long say even the most experienced executives make the following mistakes: Using attrition to reduce head counts rather than firing weak performers; assuming the company is as lean as it can be; and giving too much credence to the reputation of their "all stars."

How to travel on points efficiently

The travel search engine helps you find the cheapest flight with the most frequent flyer miles for your trip. The options it generates also includes the fastest trip if that's your preference.

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