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Geese fly over the Martin Luther King memorial in Washington.KEVIN LAMARQUE/Reuters

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Like Martin Luther King in his "I Have a Dream" speech, you'll be more successful gaining buy-in and action when you communicate to others a large amount of "vision" imagery – words that describe people, colours and actions – with a small amount of "values," research by three academics shows. Academy of Management Journal

When it makes sense to say no

Executive Karin Hurt lists five times when no is the right response: To rude or disrespectful behaviour; to time wasters; to harebrained ideas by your boss; to negative self-talk; and to "scope creep," when others keep making additional requests without additional time or money.

Don't let fear delay your decisions

Important decisions carry risk and can unnerve us. Our instinct can be to delay. But entrepreneur Seth Godin says your hesitation can hurt. Make high-leverage decisions early, so you can take advantage while others are holding back in fear. Seth's Blog

Ease navigation by rejigging categories

On websites, category choices are usually listed alphabetically. But navigation specialist Kathryn Whitenton says there often are better organizing principles, like frequency of use or importance. Vital is whether visitors already know category names and how many categories exist. With a long list of equally important ones, alphabetization works.

Stop others editing shared Word files

To prevent others editing important parts of a shared Word file, enable the Developer Toolbar and, after selecting the content to keep unchanged, click the tool bar's rich text or plain text control button. Click properties and under locking, check two options: Content control cannot be deleted; and content control cannot be edited.

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