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William Andrew, 39, ONTARIO

I have passion for what I do and surround myself with great people, dare to dream and constantly think creatively to find "the better answer." (I believe that you have only failed if you failed to try.)

Brian Boulanger, 34, ALBERTA

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Support from my wife and colleagues has allowed me to Chair the United Way board; this enhanced my business acumen and changed my perspectives on community.

Kent Campbell, 39, SASKATCHEWAN

One important skill is the ability to anticipate and identify critical issues and ensure that they get addressed in a timely manner (what Peter Drucker referred to as getting the right things done).

Linda Campbell, 39, ONTARIO

I try to see obstacles as a chance to develop new solutions and opportunities.

François Desjardins, 39, QUEBEC

Success comes from executing an idea, not having it."

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John Di Bert, 38, QUEBEC

I've always focused on creating value. Approach every challenge with passion and perseverance. Surround yourself with talented people who cherish integrity and quality ... success will follow.

Rob Drynan, 37, ONTARIO

Innovation and people help get me up in the morning. My energy comes from the people that surround me, and my motivation comes from the knowledge that through collaboration, creativity and commitment - anything is possible.

Daniel Durocher, 38, ONTARIO

Being a successful scientist is like being an elite athlete: it takes years of training, a love of competition and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Cameron Fowler, 38, ONTARIO

Be purposeful in all that you do. Treat people well regardless. And never take yourself too seriously.

Chris Gower, 39, ONTARIO

Set challenging goals and vigorously chase them while staying true to your values. Along the way, search for opportunities to continuously grow and develop.

Ted Hastings, 35, ONTARIO

1. Your reach must exceed your grasp. 2. I've surrounded myself with talent that believes the impossible is possible. 3. I've never been completely satisfied with yesterday's results.

Christine Healy, 38, NEWFOUNDLAND

Synthesize: Absorb information from varied sources, assess it critically, and find new ways to approach the challenge. Listen carefully to your team and your gut.

David Henderson, 37, ONTARIO

I believe success involves waking up every day to relentlessly, rigorously and passionately pursue your dream of a better world.

Paul Khairy, 38, QUEBEC

Excellence is an attitude that is nurtured by living passionately, unrelentlessly pursuing worthy goals, aligning actions with values, and giving generously.

Jamie King, 36, NEWFOUNDLAND

For me, the key to success is to constantly remind myself how little I know. As long as I do that, I will find the answers.

Olga Kovalchuk, 39, ALBERTA

Think positive, dream big, never stop learning, never drop the ball, demand perfection (first of all, from yourself), and have your family by your side.

Martin Lavigne, 38, QUEBEC

Quotes I live by: Vince Lombardi: "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence." & Aristotle: "Excellence is not an act; it is a habit."

Ian Mann, 39, ALBERTA

The excitement of space exploration inspires the next generation of scientists, engineers and even astronauts - to "boldy go" provides motivation like nothing else on Earth!

Margaret McGee, 39, NOVA SCOTIA

Take risks and learn to fail well. It's not when you succeed, but what you do when you stumble that truly sets you apart as a leader.

Jeff Melanson, 36, ONTARIO

Love what you do, surround yourself with talent, constantly challenge your assumptions, be open to new ideas, inspire and be inspired, believe in magic.

Rob Normandeau, 36, NOVA SCOTIA

I have taken my parent's advice: Work your hardest every day and try not to act like an arsehole. So far, it's worked pretty well.

Clive Oshry 39, ALBERTA

Embrace, capitalize on and celebrate your talents, but never stop challenging yourself to improve on your weaknesses and develop new skill.


Value your relationships, as they are your greatest asset. And have confidence: Your biggest regrets in life will be the risks you didn't take.

Michael Power, 38, ONTARIO

One my most important mentor's, a former hockey coach, once said to me, "Michael - perfection is not always attainable but if you strive for perfection, you will achieve excellence." I have lived my life (both personally and professionally) with that message in mind.

Rahul Singh, 39, ONTARIO

Set a goal and do whatever it takes to reach it. Use past successes as motivation and failures as fuel. Always keep your eyes on the prize.

Barry Symons, 39, ONTARIO

It's all about the team. My role is to give them the resources needed to succeed, keep them motivated and then let them perform.

Larry Tomei, 39, ONTARIO

I have an exceptional team that works hard for our clients and I love getting up in the morning and coming to work.

Ken Travis, 37, ALBERTA

I have always operated under the conviction that it's better to prepare for growth rather than react to it.

John Valliant, 39, ONTARIO

Being passionate about what I do motivates me to seek inventive solutions to complex problems and to have the tenacity to move beyond paradigms. Surrounding myself with similarly passionate coworkers and drawing on my daughters as inspiration pushes me to succeed.

Subodh Verma, 39, ONTARIO

Success is short lived; kindness is eternal.

Robert Wilfur, 38, ALBERTA

Success comes from surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals who possess a burning desire to create real and tangible value to better themselves and strengthen a cause.

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