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In 2013, readers liked stories that gave advice about job interview questions.

Any story about job interviews grabs readers' attention. And in 2013 the most popular story about Careers was this one:

Ten questions to ask during a job interview

A close runner up was a story from 2011 about job interviews, when Harvey Schachter interviewed leadership expert Sam Geist, that has a life of its own:

Ten must-ask job interview questions

We like to gawk at how much the bigwigs in our country make, and that helped boost readership of this story:

The 10 highest-paid CEOs in Canada

Readers also wanted to know how much top CEOs got in bonuses last year, and how much most CEOs made last year

We also like to make fun of the decisions managers make, and all the management processes that employees have to endure:

The top 10 worst management fads

Guess what the worst job of 2013 was, according to Newspaper reporter. Go figure. The best? An actuary. One can be exciting but pays poorly while the other requires a ton of education but you'll eventually get a decent paycheque.

The best and worst jobs of 2013

The Globe Careers' salaries series was one of our best performers. People wanted to know how much a teacher, doctor, nurse, university professor, executive or accountant would make. All of these stories were in the top 20 most read Careers stories of the year.

We know Gen X is here, Gen Y is coming and the millennials will soon run everything. So stories about our different generations and how they're going to affect the workplace garnered lots of interest.

The six ways Generation Y will transform the workplace

And we love lists. I hope this one helped people find an employer they wanted to work for:

List of Canada's top 100 employers for 2013

We were all jealous of Google's office and jumped at the chance to take a visual tour.

Take a tour of Google's new Toronto office

And, of course, being late for work was also a popular read:

The most outrageous excuses for being late for work