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Administrative support managers: Once they were among the first people you saw when you entered an office, but administrative assistants, financial clerks and bookkeepers no longer have to be physically present in an office. With technology, these support staff can work from home and even do work for more than one employer. Be aware, though, that these positions can put continual demands on your time.

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Customer service reps: Jobs that take orders, address snags and follow up with customers can be done from anywhere but require patience and a good personal touch. However, the competition for some of these jobs can be fierce, cautions Kate Lister of the California-based Telework Research Network.

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Recruitment researchers: This is a job that requires being a specialist in sectors and knowing who is who in those fields in far-flung locations. Many researchers for executive search firm DHR International work from their homes and communicate from various cities around the world on Skype, says Sussannah Kelly, DHR’s Canadian executive vice-president. Researchers can also assess and interview potential candidates online before they’re invited for face-to-face interviews.

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Graphic designers: Because so much of graphic design is done electronically these days, does it really matter where you work? You can even collaborate online designing websites or creating marketing literature and have meetings on Skype.

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IT professionals: Have computer, will travel. If you’re in information technology you’re likely so attached to your computer that you couldn’t imagine being without it. The industry has a constant need for talented analysts, programmers and developers for contract and project work that can be done from any location.Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Translators and interpreters: Got a second or third language? There may not be a lot of call for translation from Mandarin or Farsi in your immediate neighbourhood, but there could be a lot of work internationally if you’re available online. People with financial, legal or medical translating experience can command higher rates. Pay is generally by the word so speed is important.

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Public relations managers: Many organizations need public relations help with projects but can’t afford to keep someone on staff. The rise of social media has made it even easier to make a splash with online public relations from a home office or booth in a coffee shop.

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Online instructors and tutors: People with specialties can develop web-tutorial sites offering personalized advice. Trainers can run customized sessions for corporate groups without having to be physically present in an office.

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