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In the week and a half since a new anti-spam law went into force, more than 12,000 complaints have come in from Canadians who are continuing to receive e-mails they do not want.DMITRY KUTLAYEV/Getty Images/iStockphoto

The CRTC has issued its first fine under Canada's anti-spam law.

Compu-Finder has 30 days to contest the CRTC's ruling or a face a penalty of $1.1-million.

The CRTC alleges the company has sent commercial e-mails to consumers without their consent and did not allow recipients to unsubscribe from the mailings.

The e-mails typically promoted corporate training courses.

The first phase of Canada's anti-spam legislation covering unsolicited e-mails kicked in last summer.

A second phase involving computer programs came into effect in January.