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Five ways companies can help employees through tech disruption

Canadian businesses are focusing their efforts on technological adaptation. But remembering employees’ physical and mental health needs is paramount.


League's expansion to offering insurance was a 'bet-the-company' moment

Though it started as an access point to personal wellness services, Mike Serbinis’s company decided to add a new dimension, going up against the traditional health-insurance industry.


Swamped in paperwork, Ambient needed a solution

HVAC company’s decision to go digital not only cut the time searching for answers and helped increase sales, but also freed up office space.


DIY logos easy to create with artificial intelligence

Logojoy aimed to create an easy-to-use website that allows customers to make choices through microservices technology.



Innovation-focused Entripy makes custom shirts without the middleman

Entripy has used technology to engage directly with the customer through microsites, applying analytics to marketing and using paperless processes to control production and distribution themselves.


For ad agency, embracing the future comes at a cost, but it’s worth it

The ad agency industry is prone to disruption more than many sectors, as clients migrate online and embrace social media.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a good idea if the timing’s not right

Company picked right moment to enter market for helping clients use the cloud.


Five challenges for mid-sized businesses, and how to cope

From cyberattacks to cash-flow concerns, here are five issues SMBs can deal with.



How robots can even the playing field for small business

Robotics are changing the nature of work overall, but they are also helping to automate some of the world’s dullest, dirtiest and deadliest jobs.


A digital farmer’s market brings local foods to Ontarians

Food wholesaler Flanagan launches an online e-commerce forum designed to connect small, local food growers directly with purchasing outlets


Technology doesn’t replace a handshake

ABC Recycling, based in Burnaby, B.C., finds that, despite the technological developments in the industry, the trust needed to do business effectively requires a face-to-face approach


Why Kobo didn’t focus only on the U.S., home turf of Amazon

Aside from an international e-commerce platform, being Canadian was also a plus for the e-book and e-reader retailer when seeking markets abroad.



WATCH:Digital transformation breaks health care barriers

Digital health enables hospitals to help people far beyond the walls of the hospital, and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is fully embracing technology to realize their “no boundaries” approach.


Five ways Canadian businesses can hold their own against the giants in e-commerce

PayPal Canada president Paul Parisi offers tips on how to improve customers’ online shopping experience.


How Henry’s cameras and electronics competes with Amazon

Revamping Henry’s e-commerce site resulted in double-digit gains in mobile purchases.



The tech that bumped this small business to mid-sized

How Entripy Custom Clothing went from a one-person basement operation and is now expanding to a 50,000-square-foot facility in Oakville, Ont.

Working flat out but falling behind

Saskatoon-based Superior Cabinets undertook a major turnaround based on technologies to slash inefficiencies.

‘You can’t outspend Google,’ so smaller company Ecobee turns to other strategies

Smart-thermostat company’s focus included remote-sensor capability and flexibility around customers’ needs.

One big thing Corby did to improve its sales process

Though the company sells some widely recognized brands of liquors and wines, it still decided it could use a sales-tool boost.

Workaholic left 80-hour weeks, only to return to the game after a chance meeting

Paolo Kalaw started Nimbyx Ltd. after an idea at business school caught his interest.

Top five worries of mid-sized companies for 2017

Mid-sized firms are increasingly stressed, given global economic developments and the recent U.S. election. Experts suggest they stick to what they do best over the coming year.

How China partnership helps Indochino offer men’s custom suits faster

Manufacturing facilities with cutting-edge technology also produce garments for Banana Republic and Hugo Boss

How one company brainstormed a tech tool to boost sales

With two grown daughters, Marion Frankel and her husband, Mark, anticipated becoming grandparents in the near future – just not three times over in the span of five months

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Developing e-commerce is more important than ever for businesses, experts say

Sales took off after Top Hat ignored advice and flipped its sales strategy

Classroom-tech company ended up going straight to the people using its product.

Frank and Oak’s millennial look now also for women

Having built its business through online shopping and ‘demand shaping,’ Frank + Oak decided it was big enough to take a crack at women’s wear.

Interac’s tap-and-pay launch had to be done right

The system that allows people to pay with their bank cards rolled out flash pay, facing challenges coming from many directions.

In kicking e-mail, Klick realized it had a hit product

The health marketing agency started out with a problem due to growing pains. Its solution ended up pushing it in a new direction.

Synaptive needed to decide whether to acquire a company or just license its technology

WATCH: Synaptive Medical explains how acquiring a tech company made sense for the business.

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A trend towards a mobile work force means that with the right technology, work can be done from anywhere faster and more efficiently.