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Russel Metals operates an expansive network of metals service centres for the North American oilpatch, construction and manufacturing sectors. Russel Metals has grown globally through careful, targeted foreign acquisitions.

glenn lowson The Globe and Mail

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The Russel Metals Hamilton plant takes coiled rolls of steel and cuts them into plates which can then be turned into products, including heavy machinery.

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The Mississauga-based company has grown through process innovation: designing a corporate structure that gives its distribution centres as much autonomy as possible.

glenn lowson The Globe and Mail

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Brian Hedges, CEO of Russel Metals, tours the Hamilton plant. ‘We make sure that our corporate staff are resources to the field, not dictators to the field.’ That strategy has kept the company on the Canada’s Global Leaders list, compiled by the Toronto-based think tank Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity.

glenn lowson The Globe and Mail

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