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Frances Widdowson is a policy studies professor at Calgary's Mount Royal University and former policy analyst for the government of the Northwest Territories.

Ms. Widdowson sparked controversy two years ago, at the 2008 meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA), where she argued Canada's aboriginal reserve system isn't working, that our policies are protecting a dysfunctional system.

Ms. Widdowson is also co-author of Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation, an analysis of what was dubbed "the aboriginal industry," a network of non-native consultants and bureaucracy that keeps First Nations people isolated and dependent upon it.

The book was short-listed for the Donner Prize for public policy writing, one of Canada's most prestigious prizes for non-fiction books.

Nominator: Brian Yawney, Etobicoke, ON

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