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Every day ROB Insight delivers exclusive analysis on breaking business news and market-moving events. Streetwise offers news and analysis on Bay Street and the world of finance.

Here are our editors' picks of some of the best reads of the week. (The articles are available to Globe Unlimited subscribers only.)

Gold bears imprint of Death

Okay, so there are no wizards or magic wands involved, but Scott Barlow warned in ROB Insight that the Death Cross – a technical pattern suggesting a sharp, painful correction is in store – is now hovering over bullion prices.

High interest, high anxiety

After RBC acquired Ally and said it would shut down high-interest savings accounts, ING savers got understandably nervous. No need, says Streetwise's Boyd Erman, who was inspired to write the post after a number of readers expressed concern that their ING accounts would be next on the chopping block. Scotiabank picked up ING last year to bulk up the asset side of its ledger, he explains, and has no interest in seeing ING customers taking their cash elsewhere.

Inflation plays possum

Cranking up the money presses worldwide was always bound to stoke inflation. Yet it hasn't. To answer this puzzle, look to the M4 – the broadest measure of U.S. money supply – and see how all that cash from the Fed's quantitative easing hasn't really flowed into the wider economy, as ROB Insight's David Parkinson explains.

Beware the bargain miner

With stocks of junior miners pummelled, maybe it's a good time to get in? Not so fast, says ROB Insight's Sean Silcoff. There may be a few bargains, but with sources of financing in the sector dried up, most of the little guys are up against the wall.

BMO's billion-dollar babies

In a quiet market for new deals, BMO made the Street sit up and take notice on Tuesday with a quad play, raising almost $2-billion for four different companies, writes Streetwise's Tim Kiladze. The deal frenzy was all the more remarkable, Tim says, in that all four companies are in the financial services space, which usually plays second fiddle to energy and mining.

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