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Shoppers walk past a Black Friday sale sign hanging in the window of H&M clothing store on Bloor Street in Toronto on November 27, 2013.Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail

The Black Friday marketing mania that used to mark the beginning of holiday retail season in the United States – with turkey-stuffed crowds of shoppers stampeding into stores to take advantage of the deals – has in recent years moved north to Canada.

But it is not only Canadian retailers getting in on the action.

Vancouver-based marketing agency Brandspank has launched its own Black Friday sale to promote its agency services to retailers.

The agency's ad mimics retail flyers with items such as a lookalike package of Bran Flakes that instead reads "Brand-Plan," an image of what looks like a bottle of Tide detergent offering flyer design at $4,320 for three, and a Campbell's Soup can that instead reads "Creative Campaign" offering 50 per cent off production costs with approval of the agency's concept.

"Given the success that our retail clients have had with Black Friday, we felt it was only fitting for us, a retail marketing agency, to create an entire promotion featuring the lowest prices of the year on our most popular services," agency founder Andrew Sharpe said in a statement.