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The flavour is full-bodied, fruity, and aromatic ... with a rather chewy finish.

Kraft Canada's candy line, Maynards, is taking the conventions of wine marketing and using them for its somewhat less high-end product: wine gums.

A new video shows a stunt campaign the brand conducted at a wine expo. It purchased a booth, put up banners making it look like a wine brand (with black and white photography of a model holding a wine glass, for example) and had a representative calling himself "Canada's only chewmelier" invite people to sample the product.

"A little berry," one visitor declares after sniffing the glass full of gummies.

The video is the first in a series of "Crown Your Mouth" content pieces that Toronto agency The Hive is developing for Maynards. The agency has been fighting to increase visibility for Maynards products in a crowded category – especially when it comes to social media and digital video content.

BBDO Canada, for example, has earned attention and awards for its highly surreal Skittles campaigns , which have demonstrated the hard sales potential of online campaigns in the candy category: In the eight weeks following its "Touch" campaign for the brand, sales of Skittles rose 78 per cent.

Last year, The Hive launched a contest where fans could have a candy shaped like their face, if they uploaded an entertaining "candy face" to Facebook. The application gave them a digital image of their face in a Fuzzy Peach, a Sour Patch Kid, a Sour Cherry Blaster or a Swedish Berry, which they could share via social media, and entered them for a chance to become the face of the brand's new candy. The campaign drove 50,000 new fans to the Maynards' Facebook page, and increased unaided brand awareness by 24 per cent. The candy featuring the face of the winner, Jessica Winacott, will hit store shelves at the end of this month.

Earlier this year, after helping to design the new Granny Smith candies, the agency created a series of "sour Granny Smith " ads posted outdoors and online, giving the candy a personality by promoting a granny character who seems sweet but has a sour side. The ads were based on a popular type of online joke such as "Misunderstood shark," in which photos of a sad-looking shark have captions such as "Wanted to play Marco Polo with the kids; closed the beach forever." The photos of the stern-looking granny were given captions such as "Goes to fun fair; takes fun out of it."

This latest video is part of the Kraft brand's longstanding goal to increase its digital and social media presence. The fact that many of the wine expo participants had been sipping samples before visiting the booth probably didn't hurt.