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Bald Media, an upstart company that sends bald models to the streets and into trade shows with their heads spray-painted with corporate messages.

Do the demands of your clients - "Find me something new!" - make you want to pull out your hair? Take a look at Bald Media, an upstart company that sends bald models to the streets and trade shows with their heads spray-painted with corporate messages. Owner Ronnie Lebow says there has been some interest from marketers, but no clients yet. Not surprising: People might take notice of a billboard on someone's head, but it's a rare brand that would be comfortable with the oddity. Maybe the Toronto Symphony Orchestra could use it to promote a performance of Mussorgsky's A Night on Bald Mountain?

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We're so not skiing naked

Ahh, Richard Branson, we never tire of your antics. We see from a press release on our desk that you're about to bring us National Fearless Day (Nov. 19), when Canadians will be urged to throw off their inhibitions and do something crazy: ski naked, take a luge run, make a naughty home movie. We're told it's tied to your new "Fearless" campaign for Virgin Mobile, but it makes us uncomfortable. You see, when we think of you, Sir Richard, we think of Virgin Air. And the notion of a fearless airline pilot makes us, well, fearful.

The simply lonely life

Calling all homeless people who want to work in advertising: Oh boy, do we have a promotion for you! The Montreal agency CarteBlanche is looking for an energetic soul to spend an entire month in its office, working as an intern during the day and living in an adjoining apartment at night. The winner of the contest, dubbed Le Dortoir (The Dormitory), will have unfettered evening access to the office, where he or she may wander around while everyone else is at their real homes. Seems this may just be a cool way to get the next generation of ad people used to working 24/7.

Giant red Vs hit red tape

Aliens may be green, but they're not environmentally friendly. A promotion for V , the new aliens-are-coming TV series from ABC, was going to send a squadron of skywriting planes over a couple of dozen American icons (the Statue of Liberty, etc.) to paint giant red Vs above a confused populous. But after the Washington Post TV critic noted the amount of CO{-2}, lead particles, and other icky stuff the promotion would throw off, and asked how that squared with the environmental stance of ABC's parent company, Disney, the network scuttled the plan. Thank goodness Disney execs get to keep their corporate jets.

Canadian ad whiz has her work cut out

Congratulations to Lori Senecal, the Canadian-born, New York-based ad whiz who two months ago left McCann-Erickson to join the newly renamed Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners as president and CEO. This week she nabbed her first big score for the agency, landing the $50-million-plus (U.S.) account of Vanguard Group. With the recent track record of most U.S. investment firms, including Vanguard (where - full disclosure - we had some money that became less money), we'll be watching closely to see how KBS puts the shine back on the brand. Hey, there's nowhere to go but up!

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