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Canadian history buffs rejoice: a new Heritage Minute is here.

The historical vignettes have become entwined with a sense of Canadian identity for many, and made the phrase "I smell burnt toast" instantly recognizable to an entire country.

They aired frequently on television during commercial breaks in the 90s, but went on a nearly eight-year hiatus. Historica Canada, the organization behind the spots, brought them back in 2012. They are funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, as well as donors – in this case, donors from Winnipeg who wanted to bring awareness to the story of the Winnipeg Falcons.

The Falcons were the team, mostly made up of players of Icelandic heritage, that won the first gold medal in hockey at the Olympics.

It has a Remembrance Day theme, since almost every player on the team fought in the First World War. Two died.

Rogers' hockey brand also gets a little boost from the newest Minute: it is narrated by the company's flagship host for its newly acquired NHL broadcasts, George Stroumboulopoulos. (Rogers did not pay for the privilege, however: Historica says they approached him on their own.) In French, the narration is done by Pierre Houde, the voice of the Montreal Canadiens.