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Knowthe signs.com
Knowthe signs.com


Leers, tears and beers Add to ...

'Tis the season to get hammered. With that in mind, the folks at Heineken, who have been some of the most successful booze marketers to jump into viral media, have unveiled a website that seeks to curb drinkers' enthusiasm for over-indulging. At KnowTheSigns.com, visitors are given a security camera's-eye view of a bar and asked to identify seven different problem drinkers in the scene.

After clicking on each - the guys range from The Groper to The Fighter, while the women include The Crier and The Flirt - we watch an embarrassing episode unfold, and are then shown how everything could have gone differently if the drinker had switched to water earlier in the evening. It's an entertaining and effective cautionary tool, and we fully expect it will become an integral part of a sloppy drinking game at our office holiday party next month. Hey, thanks, Heineken!

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