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Budweiser Canada "Wanna Go Home with Me" ad spot
Budweiser Canada "Wanna Go Home with Me" ad spot


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What do the folks at Anheuser-Busch like more than beer? Misdirection. Over the summer, they sparked a minor uproar with a 45-second viral spot featuring a series of people declaring how much they liked "getting it in the can." For the first 40 seconds, viewers were quietly shocked at the possibility they were watching people rave about doing it through the back door before the final frames revealed they were actually talking about Bud Light Lime being available in cans. This Sunday, Budweiser Canada will begin another ad featuring people speaking directly to the camera about something that again sounds suspiciously sexual. "Some guys think it's cool not to use one," complains a woman as the spot opens. "Knowing you're safe makes it even more pleasurable," explains another. Then a guy chimes in: "The guys on my team, we'll share the same one for, like, a month at a time." What are they talking about? Having a designated driver. So: Happy holidays, and may the best double entendre win.

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