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That ad was funny... but will you remember who made it? Add to ...

Many of the viewers who woke up with nacho hangovers Monday morning are just as likely to be talking about Sunday’s Super Bowl ads as the game itself. But while talk abounds of the to cover up his cat murders and , the brands themselves are not always top of mind.

Is this yearly bout of marketing excess the perfect time to mock the ad industry? One Canadian agency thinks so.

Fresh off its win at the CASSIES advertising awards in Toronto last month, St. John’s, Nfld.-based agency Target released a parody video, based on an online trend of things “ .” The meme has spread so far that it now covers things no one says. Target released a video entitled " Sh*t Nobody Says About Advertising" -- and its opening line could be hitting close to home for a few advertisers in the wake of a SuperBowl splurge.

“I don’t remember why it was funny, but I do remember what brand it was for,” a young man implausibly tells his buddies while chatting over beers.

The video came out just over a week before the big game, and just a few days after Target was honoured with the CASSIES Grand Prix for its as a tourist destination.

Especially in the U.S., the Super Bowl is a time of voracious media buying as brands jockey for position before more than 100 million viewers. (Here in Canada, the industry tends to be about the football finals.) But there are questions as to whether all the clever jokes and celebrity cameos -- such as Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osborne last year, and Jerry Seinfeld, Matthew Broderick, and Elton John among others this year -- really create an impact for the products they supposedly promote.

“I didn’t even want one until the Biebs told me to buy it,” another unlikely consumer says.

Target’s video has had just over 22,000 views so far. Not exactly a viral sensation, but a pointed commentary on some of the consumer sentiment marketers might be missing. And it raises the question -- what are the other things people never say about ads, that agencies and their clients might keep in mind?

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