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persuasion notebook

Superintendent Sam Fernandes, Unit Commander of 32 Division, poses beside the Toronto Police Service’s RIDE Frankencar.Constable Tom Rataj

Persuasion Notebook offers quick hits on the business of persuasion from The Globe and Mail's marketing and advertising reporter, Susan Krashinsky. Read more on The Globe's marketing page and follow Susan on Twitter @Susinsky.

Toronto police and Beck Taxi are promoting this year's RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) program with a brand new Frankencar.

The car, decorated on the back half to resemble a Beck Taxi and on the front end to look like a police car, was unveiled at an event Wednesday to publicize the program, in which police carry out spot checks of drivers to deter them from drinking and driving. Representatives from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) were also involved.

On the side of the vehicle that looks like a taxi, it reads "THIS RIDE = Approx. $40." The police car hood has a parallel message, "THIS RIDE = $15,000", which represents some of the financial penalties that come with an impaired driving conviction.

It also acts as a handy advertisement for Beck during the busy holiday party season.