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James Lahey's art installation climbs to the roof, shouting 'Spring.' Built into Concord Park Place, it's among a new group public art projects that grow beyond their buildings

Artist James Lahey, left, and developer Gabriel Leung. Mr. Lahey, an artist, designed the public art installation of Toronto tree blossoms for Concord Adex’s newest building.

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A spine of tree blossoms rises the length of the 31-storey Toronto building. Mr. Lahey wanted to capture the “fugitive” moment each spring when the whole city is covered in the blossoms. He zipped around Toronto on his motorcycle to capture that essence in photographs which were then manipulated and sandwiched between glass panels.

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Crowning the Tango building is a purple-and-white blossom so impossibly zoomed-in-upon that it becomes pixilated.

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Manipulated blossom photos line the ceilings of Tango’s hallways, too.

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A rendering of the complex, including adjacent townhomes. It’s located next to the 401 Highway just west of the Don Valley Parkway.

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A snapshot of the development from the west, including other Concord Adex Park Place buildings.

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In Vancouver, Manulife Financial’s new 980 Howe St. building features an art installation designed by PECHET Studio which uses dichroic glass that shifts colour based on light conditions and perspective. Read full story at link below: Developers put art on the box itself.

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