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urban landscape

Early morning sun lights up the ESRI Canada rooftop garden in Toronto designed by landscape architect Scott Torrance.Margaret Mulligan

Green roofs have been a feature of the urban landscape for decades but today their growth is booming.

As urban living space becomes increasingly valuable, residents and developers have realized the environmental benefits green roof gardens bring to densely populated urban centres.

Practical and sometimes beautiful green roofs are sprouting up on everything from residential garage roofs to the tops of commercial buildings and warehouses.

The Globe and Mail invites you to share photos of your favourite green roofs.

E-mail us a high-quality, jpeg-format photo. Make sure it's horizontal. We'll put it in an online photo gallery to accompany a coming Property Report feature.

We'll also need:

1) Your name;

2) Your city, province or territory;

3) The name and address of the building where the green roof is located;

4) Tell us a bit about the roof. When was it started? What kind of plants grow on it? What benefit does it bring to your workplace?

5) Give us your permission to publish your name, comments and photo.

6) Send your photo – remember it has to be horizontal – and answers to the points above to: