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Mail volume
The amount of mail delivered through Canada Post has declined steadily over the past several years, according to its 2012 annual report. The amount of mail delivered to each address declined by 23.6 per cent between 2008 and 2012. Meanwhile, the number of addresses they must deliver to has grown by around 150,000 each year.

Volume (in billions)

SOURCE: Canada Post Annual Report (2012)

Profit and loss
The amount of mail shipped through Canada Post and its subsidiaries, dubbed the Canada Post Group of Companies, varies throughout the year and reaches its higher point during the fourth-quarter holiday season. But Canada Post notes in its second quarter financial report that its "fixed costs do not vary in the short term with these changes in demand for its services."

Canada Post Group of Companies consolidated profit (loss) from operations

In millions of dollars

SOURCE: Canada Post Financial Report (Q2 2013)