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Nigeria dismantles its plane 'graveyards'

More than 60 aircraft lie abandoned at Nigeria's airports, most left to rot by bankrupt companies. The government is dismantling the crashed, burned or unused planes to improve safety. Nigeria made significant improvements to aviation security in 2007, following a series of major air crashes.

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A passenger plane lands as workers dismantle an abandoned aircraft at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Jan. 31, 2013. Nigerian aviation officials are dismantling and removing the hulks of abandoned aircraft from airports around the country.

Jon Gambrell/AP

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A worker looks out from the fuselage of an abandoned aircraft at Murtala Muhammed airport in Lagos. Officials say there are least 65 abandoned planes at the country’s airports, with at least 13 at Lagos’s airport. An overgrown field at the airport is known as the plane 'graveyard.'

Jon Gambrell/AP

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A worker dismantles an abandoned aircraft at Murtala Muhammed airport. Nigeria has a history of major passenger plane crashes. Last June, 163 people died in a Dana Air crash in Lagos.

Jon Gambrell/AP

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Seats removed from the fuselage of an abandoned aircraft are piled up at the airport. The Nigerian federal airports authority ordered the planes to be dismantled to improve safety at the country’s airports.

Jon Gambrell/AP

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Workers eat lunch inside an abandoned airliner once owned by Bellview Airlines. A plane owned by the now-insolvent company crashed in 2005, killing 117 people.

Jon Gambrell/AP

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A worker dismantles the wing of an abandoned plane at the Lagos airport. Abandoned aircraft at other airports, including in Abuja and Kano, will also be destroyed.

Sunday Alamba/AP

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A man walks toward a row of abandoned planes. One of the aircraft being dismantled is a Boeing 747 seized by Nigerian customs for smuggling.

Sunday Alamba/AP

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Workers dismantle an abandoned plane. The Lagos international airport is a major transport hub for West Africa, AP reports.

Sunday Alamba/AP

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