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Cineplex said Thursday that 42 per cent of box office revenues were generated by the company’s enhanced theatres which offer patrons extra services.

The silver screen has turned to gold for Cineplex Inc., as a big boost in its luxury theatres combined with a strong slate of movies to push the largest theatre chain in Canada to a blockbuster quarter.

The company's enhanced theatres – which offer services such as valet parking and reserved seating – accounted for almost 42 per cent of box office revenue in the quarter. That's up from 36 per cent a year ago and meant the company earned an average of $9.36 per patron on its way to a $28.5-million profit, a 36 per cent boost from last year.

Revenue increased 14.4 per cent to $301-million.

It was also a record quarter at the concession stands – the average concessions per person was $4.81, beating the former record of $4.69 set earlier this year. The Toronto-based company credited a move to offer a wider variety of food and drinks to complement popcorn and soda.

A strong slate of movies also helped push patrons to the fancier theatres. While Marvel: The Avengers was the biggest draw in last year's second quarter, Cineplex said there was a broader mix this year. The Top 5 were Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel, Fast and Furious 6 and The Great Gatsby.

Cineplex also saw a 44-per-cent increase in media revenue, predominantly from a boost in pre-movie advertising. The top categories were automotive, electronics and telecommunications, all of which recorded large increases in revenue.

The company added 26 theatres in the quarter from Empire, and launched a program that allows movie goers to purchase a digital copy of the movie they are about to see when it is released to DVD. It also purchased digital sign maker EK3 Technologies Inc.