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Telus Corp.'s Internet subscribers can access again the Voices for Change pro-union website after an Alberta court on Wednesday granted an interim injunction against posting Telus employee photographs on-line. "Telus's decision to disable access to the Voices for Change site was based on an overriding need to protect the safety and privacy of our employees who were being targeted and the subject of intimidation," Janet Yale, Telus's executive vice-president of corporate affairs, said in a release. The move to block the website, which is run by a union shop steward, but not funded by the union, was criticized this week by the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. Telus said the court order also covers other activities, including limiting the union and its members from picketing at the company's premises. Telus employees represented by the union in British Columbia and Alberta walked off the job a week ago as the company went ahead with plans to implement a new labour contract. T (TSX) fell 15 cents to $44.40.