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For the time-starved, stressed-out, overwhelmed executive, welcome to our annual roundup up every executive MBA program in Canada

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Alberta Haskayne EMBA

Haskayne School of Business (University of Calgary) and University of Alberta | Calgary and Edmonton
Tuition $67,000-$69,000 | Students accepted 113 (two intakes)
Male/female ratio 70/30 | Average experience 14 years
Duration 22-24 months
Go here if…you want to broaden your horizons and enhance your leadership capacity while building a strong personal network—particularly across Western Canada.
Entrepreneur alert The Entrepreneurial Thinking course encourages students to apply entrepreneurial aspects to all areas of their careers and includes a Dragons' Den-style pitch presentation.
Forward-looking course Strategies for Sustainable Development focuses on making better decisions against the backdrop of the environment and economy.
Specializations finance
Overseas opportunities The program ends with a 10-day study tour to a pair of countries voted on by the cohort.
Noteworthy alumnus Gary Kovacs (1999), former CEO of Mozilla Corp.

Athabasca University

Tuition $48,000 | Students accepted 295
Male/female ratio 58/42 | Average experience 5.5 years
Duration 16-36 months
Go here if…you're looking for work-life balance—the 24-hour online program means you control your study hours, with one mandatory in-residence course that can be completed at sites across Canada and internationally.
Bonus There are three intakes per year, so you can start whenever works best for you.
Overseas opportunities Candidates can take electives in Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Ireland and the U.S.

Beedie School of Business

Simon Fraser University | Vancouver
Tuition $55,000 | Students accepted 45
Male/female ratio 61/39 | Average experience 17.5 years
Duration 20 months
Go here if…you want to become a better team player. Beedie offers small classes with simulated leadership teams that work together to solve business problems.
Specializations In second year, candidates can choose the Americas EMBA stream, where they travel to business schools in São Paulo, Mexico City and Nashville, Tennessee, to study with fellow EMBA candidates and study local business issues.
Noteworthy professor Andrew Harries, founder of wireless Internet of Things provider Sierra Wireless
Longevity cred Beedie launched the first EMBA back in 1968.

Executive MBA Americas — a Cornell-Queen's partnership

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management (Cornell Uni-versity) and Smith School of Business (Queen's University) | Kingston, Ont., and Ithaca, NY
Tuition $135,128 | Students accepted 162 students (64 Queen's, 98 Cornell)
Male/Female ratio 81/19 | Average experience 13
Duration 17 months
Go here if…you want to establish relationships with classmates from across Canada, the United States and Latin America, while becoming a full-fledged alumnus of two top-tier universities. Residential sessions are held at both Cornell and the Queen's campus (transportation is included in your tuition).
Flexibility The program is available in major cities across Canada, the U.S. and Latin America.
Noteworthy alumnus Dino Trevisani (2009), president of IBM Canada

DeGroote School of Business

McMaster University | Burlington, Ont., and Palo Alto, Calif.
Tuition $85,000 | Students accepted 20
Male/female ratio 75/25 | Average experience 17 years
Duration 13 months
Go here if…you're a disruptor. DeGroote's EMBA in Digital Transformation gives candidates insight into data analytics, digital leadership and managing digital innovation through design thinking. The program does away with the typical evenings-and-weekends format in favour of four residencies, lasting seven to 12 days each, including a module in Silicon Valley, where students meet with experts in the tech hub of North America.
Professional outreach DeGroote partners with the Score, CIBC, IBM and SAS, among others, to offer networking opportunities as well as access to case studies, capstone projects, guest speakers and more.

École des sciences de la gestion

Université du Québec à Montréal | Montreal and 12 countries
Tuition $6,707 (Quebec residents), $8,100 (rest of Canada) | Students accepted 293 (Montreal), 533 (overseas)
Male/female ratio 64/36 (Montreal), 69/31 (overseas) | Average experience 9 years
Duration 24 months
Go here if…you want to double your degree: Candidates can earn a diploma from Université Paris-Dauphine.
Overseas opportunities UQAM's program is also offered in China, Vietnam, Poland, France, Tunisia, Algeria, Cameroon, Mali, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic and Romania.

Haskayne Global Energy EMBA

University of Calgary | Worldwide
Tuition $110,000 |Students accepted 25
Male/female ratio 75/25 | Average experience 12 years
Duration 22 months
Go here if…you want to advance your career in the evolving global energy sector and build a worldwide network.
Overseas opportunties Students meet for six two-week modules in leading energy centres worldwide.
Noteworthy professor Dr. Harrie Vredenburg, a leading scholar in energy innovation, sustainable development and governance.

Ivey Business School

Western University | Toronto
Tuition $107,000 | Students accepted 58 (two intakes)
Male/female ratio 62/38 | Average experience 14 years
Duration 15 months
Go here if…you like a hands-on, practical learning approach, and want a general management and leadership program. Ivey uses case-method learning—students dive into real issues, make and defend real decisions, take action and, in the process, learn how to become more effective leaders.
Overseas opportunities Participants spend a week abroad meeting classmates and professionals from other top global EMBA programs.
Accolades Ivey's EMBA was ranked No. 1 in Canada by The Economist.

John Molson School of Business

Concordia University |Montreal
Tuition $75,000 | Students accepted 20
Male/female ratio 60/40 | Average experience 17 years
Duration 20 months
Go here if…you're looking for a family-friendly schedule (just one day a week, on alternating Fridays and Saturdays), with a disruptive learning format and applied courses with cases, simulations and games.
Mentorship Each cohort is assigned a "champion"—a leader who stays in contact with the group throughout the entire two-year program.
Overseas opportunities Candidates take a seven- to 10-day international study trip at the end of the second semester to meet with captains of industry and Canadian expatriates in relevant sectors.

Kellogg-Schulich EMBA

Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) and Schulich School of Business (York University) | Chicago and Toronto
Tuition $120,000 | Students accepted 37
Male/female ratio 70/30 | Average experience 14 years
Duration 18 months
Go here if…you're looking to expand your global network. Candidates study alongside nearly 400 business leaders from around the world, and spend a two-week residency at Kellogg's campus in Chicago.
Noteworthy professor Tim Calkins (Strategic Marketing Decisions) is an expert on Super Bowl advertising
Forward-looking courses Human-Machine Learning and Visualization for Persuasion, focusing on Big Data.
International partners Candidates can opt to study at Kellogg's new Miami campus, or at Kellogg partner schools in Germany, Tel Aviv, Beijing and Hong Kong.
Accolades Ranked No. 5 in the world by The Economist and No. 1 in Canada by Financial Times.

Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business

University of Regina| Regina
Tuition $49,200 | Students accepted 28
Male/female ratio 60/40 | Average experience 14 years
Duration 18 months
Go here if…you're looking to establish a life-long network in Saskatchewan. Candidates gain access to local leaders (including cabinet minister Ralph Goodale and investor Brett Wilson) via the school's Leader's Council.
Overseas opportunities The International Study Course allows students to complete consulting projects in real time. Past destinations include Germany, France, Finland and Estonia.
Noteworthy lecturers Rachel Mielke, founder and CEO of Hillberg & Berk; and Murad Al-Katib, founder and CEO of AGT Food and Ingredients
Campus cred Levene sits on the largest urban park in North America.

McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA

Desautels Faculty of Management (McGill University) and HEC Montréal| Montreal
Tuition $89,000| Students accepted 46
Male/female ratio 50/50 | Average experience 18 years
Duration 15 months
Go here if…you can speak French (the program is bilingual) and you're a fan of management thinker Henry Mintzberg, whose ideas form the basis of the program.
Mentorship Candidates can request a "buddy"—an alum who will support them throughout the year and beyond.
Noteworthy alumnus Manon Jeannotte (2016), chief of the Micmac Nation of Gespeg

Rotman Omnium Global EMBA

Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) | Toronto
Tuition $107,000 | Students accepted 27
Male/female ratio 60/40 | Average experience 12 years
Duration 18 months
Go here if…you're looking to develop expertise and contacts in global markets. To complete the program, candidates must travel to cities on five continents, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Mumbai, Budapest, Milan, San Francisco, Santiago, Johannesburg and Dubai.
Specializations entrepreneurship, innovation, personal leadership
Female forward Prof. Beatrix Dart leads Rotman's Initiative for Women in Business, which aims to support career development of women professionals.

Rotman School of Management

University of Toronto| Toronto
Tuition $111,000| Students accepted 67
Male/female ratio 67/33 | Average experience 15 years
Duration 13 months
Go here if…you want to become a better leader. Rotman's Leadership Development program offers personal assessment, coaching and a plan to create "emotionally intelligent" and effective leaders.
International partners Candidates can study at several partner schools, including SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan.
Accolades Since 1999, Financial Times has ranked Rotman as the leading global MBA school in Canada.

Sandermoen School of Business

University of Fredericton| Online
Tuition $24,500 | Students accepted 141 students
Male/female ratio 60/40 | Average experience 16.9 years
Duration 30 months
Go here if…you're looking for flexibility. This fully online program allows candidates to access courses and materials 24/7, and learn from professors and lecturers from across North America.
Specializations innovation, real estate, business analytics, health and safety, human resources
Overseas opportunities For their capstone project, candidates travel to an international location to explore international market entry and other core business considerations.

Smith School of Business

Queen's University | Kingston, Ont., and locations across Canada
Tuition $98,000 | Students accepted 78
Male/female ratio 68/32 | Average experience 14 years
Duration 16 months
Go here if…you're looking for a holistic approach. Each candidate has a support team that includes a team coach, a career coach, an executive coach and a lifestyle coach.
Overseas opportunities Candidates travel in teams to a destination of their choosing to work on a real-life issue or opportunity. Students can also take a one-week course in International Business Management through one of Smith's international partners.
Forward-looking course Candidates can take an entire course devoted to fintech, taught by renowned professor Ryan Riordan.
Bonus You can start working on a Project Management Professional designation while in the program.

Sobey School of Business

Saint Mary's University | Halifax
Tuition $52,000 | Students accepted 16
Male/female ratio 75/25 | Average experience 12 years
Duration 18 months
Go here if…you're feeling a bit rusty. To ease the transition into graduate-level studies, the program kicks off with a series of refresher workshops in leadership, case analysis, research methods and accounting. The Sobey program focuses on evidence-based theory and management, case work and applied learning, with an international trade mission as the capstone project.
Work-life balance There's no overnight residency required, and classes are suspended over the summer.
Overseas opportunities Pairs of candidates travel abroad for 10 days to represent Atlantic Canadian businesses looking for potential export markets.
Accolades The Sobey program was ranked No. 5 in Canada by Ivy Exec, a professional network for executives.

Telfer School of Management

University of Ottawa | Ottawa
Tuition $75,000 | Students accepted 36
Male/female ratio 62/38 | Average experience 12.9 years
Duration 21 months
Go here if…you want access to leaders in a variety of fields, via Telfer's Leadership Lecture Series course. Past guests include billionaire tech magnate Sir Terence Matthews and Janet Longmore, CEO of the Digital Opportunity Trust.
Real-world experience Candidates work as consultants as part of Telfer's Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects. One project involves a startup in Silicon Valley; another is with a Canadian company pursuing an international opportunity.
Entrepreneur alert Each class participates in a startup pitch competition, with teams creating business plans and investor packages, then pitching them to actual investors.
Accolades Telfer is one of just 76 business schools worldwide to win the triple crown of accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. In 2017, it got the nod from CEO Magazine as the No. 1 global EMBA.

Université de Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke, Que.
Tuition $49,200 | Students accepted 15
Male/female ratio 70/30 | Average experience 12+ years
Duration 18 months
Go here if…you're looking for a highly personalized program focused on core competencies like leadership skills and public speaking. Candidates also get individual coaching and can opt to work more closely with professors in a preferred subject area.
Work-life balance A major focus of the program is learning about stress management and healthy life habits.
En francais, s'il vous plaÎt This is a French-only program.

Université Laval

Quebec City
Tuition $18,000 | Students accepted 23
Male/female ratio 52/48 | Average experience 18 years
Duration 20 months
Go here if…you're looking for a flexible program (Laval offers a mix of online and in-class learning) and a salary boost: Graduates see an average increase of $10,000. One-quarter of them get a promotion, and 30% get a new job.
Forward-looking course Operations and Logistics uses a simulation called the XBeer Game to help students replicate a supply chain, forecast demand, plan production and maintain optimum inventory level.
Entrepreneur alert Candidates spend a week at Babson College near Boston—it's ranked as one of the top schools in the U.S. in terms of entrepreneurship.
Specializations social responsibility, green accounting, IT governance, international trade missions
En Francais, s'il vous plaÎt This is a French-only program.

University of Prince Edward Island

Tuition $33,500 | Students accepted 20
Male/female ratio 45/55 | Average experience 15 years
Duration 20 months
Go here if…you want to learn how to leverage research findings to make more informed decisions—the program is a pioneer in Evidence-Based Management (EBMgt).
Specializations biotechnology management and entrepreneurship, innovative management
Campus cred UPEI's campus spans 140 acres in picturesque downtown Charlottetown.
Bonus Time-crunched candidates can take up to six years to complete the program.