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Mondelez’s Scarborough bakery produces all of the world’s Mallomars

A Mallomars cookie is the confectionery equivalent of pinot noir: finicky, thin-skinned, heat-averse and completely worth the trouble. First produced in 1913, the original Mallomars were so delicate, their chocolate exterior so prone to melting, that the National Biscuit Co. could only make them in colder months.

One hundred years later, the recipe remains the same—dark chocolate draped over a marshmallow pillow perched atop a round graham cracker—but advancements in refrigerated shipping and storage have largely eliminated the melting problem. Still, the manufacturer—currently Mondelez International—persists with the cookie's seasonal availability out of tradition.

When the first boxes hit store shelves in September, fans snap them up by the caseload. And as availability trails off in March, many New Yorkers—by far the world's foremost consumers of Mallomars—stockpile them in fridges and freezers, hoping to amass a stash large enough to last through the summer.

If you've never wrapped your taste buds around these made-in-Canada treats, join everyone else in the country. Although all of these dollops of marshmallowy perfection come from a single bakery in Toronto, Mallomars are not sold in Canada.


* 85% of Mallomar production is consumed by the tristate New York area every year

* Mondelez's Scarborough bakery produces all of the world's Mallomars between June and January every year

* The first Mallomars were sold in New Jersey on Nov. 13, 1913

* Hollywood loves Mallomars: Billy Crystal's character in When Harry Met Sally called them "the greatest cookie of all time" and Tony Soprano once jokingly threatened to whack an underling over a missing box

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