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Could anyone have predicted that what was once a cocaine-laced medicinal beverage would become one of the world’s biggest brands? Mark Pendergrast’s For God, Country & Coca-Cola (Basic Books, $26) offers a riveting take on a subject so rich in food politics and sweet business lessons, it’ll rot your teeth.

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NYU’s Marion Nestle was questioning the tactics of Big Food long before Michael Bloomberg tried to ban supersized sodas. The 10th anniversary edition of Food Politics (University of California Press, $30 U.S.) comes with a new intro by Michael Pollan.


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T. Colin Campbell’s first book, The China Study, co-written with his son, inspired Bill Clinton to give up meat and dairy. His latest work, Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition (BenBella, $30), co-authored with Howard Jacobson, explains the science behind the plant-based China Study, and why it works.

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