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Joe Muto, a.k.a. the Fox Mole, is a former Fox Newser who leaked tantalizing gossip until he got caught. If the hilariously chummy video of Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney was the tip of the iceberg, could An Atheist in the Foxhole ($29, Dutton) sink Bill O’Reilly et al. Titanic-style?

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Forget Goldman Sachs—the CIA are the world’s vampire squid, if lurid stories like the ones in The Way of the Knife: The CIA, A Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth ($32, Penguin Press) contain even a grain of truth. Writer Mark Mazzetti has a Pulitzer, so they probably do.

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Last year a Colorado ballot initiative dragged a billion-dollar clandestine marijuana-growing industry into the light. Emily Brady’s Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier ($30, Grand Central Publishing) finds California on the cusp of doing the same. Surprisingly, some pot farmers aren’t happy about it.

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