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In pictures: The 9 most useful apps for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs from our LinkedIn network and regular Report on Small Business contributors share their favourite apps

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EVERNOTE. "It helps users keep track of thoughts, to-dos, and action items. It's like a second brain for the small business owner."

Steven Aldrich,

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EXPENSIFY. "It's great for managing receipts, especially when travelling.  Using your smartphone camera you can snap pictures of your receipts and it will give you a digital record in chronological order. You can also log mileage, meal expenses and other business-related travel costs…and it creates full expense reports. The app is free and available on Android, iOS and Blackberry."

Andrew Bridge, Virgin Mobile Canada

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UBER. “This app allows anyone with a smart phone to request on-demand private drivers in town cars, escalades, and limos, with a simple tap on the screen. You'll know exactly when the driver will arrive, and they'll know exactly how to find you. I've used Uber in San Francisco, Toronto, Washington, New York, Chicago, and Boston. Most Uber drivers offer bottled water, iPhone chargers and other amenities. It costs a few dollars more than a cab, but it's totally worth it.”

Noah Fleming, strategic marketing consultant

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SNAGIT. “This Windows/Mac app lets you take screenshots and annotate them. You can do basic editing too. There are many more features. Once you have this easy-to-use app, you'll find many uses. Examples: nab stuff from competitors, send visual instructions to clients, identify an exact colour. What you see is what you can grab. I use Snagit almost daily.”

Promod Sharma, Taxevity

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CAPSULECRM. “It’s a fully functional and easy to use sales tool hosted in the cloud that skips the costs and complexity that Salesforce comes with. At $13/month with fantastic support it’s hard to go wrong and it sync’s with so many other cloud-based programs to boot.”

Kelly Fallis, Remote Stylist

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TRIPIT. “This app keeps all my flights and reservations up to date and accessible with minimal work from me.”

Tom Moss, Trend Micro

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FIND MY CAR. “I travel frequently and sometimes find when returning from a trip that the exact location of my car, be it at the airport or in the Viscount Parking lot, is not top of mind. This app allows me to note the car’s location when I park with a simple press of a button. Then upon return to the parking lot I can simply select "find my car" and it will lead me to it. Great little app, best of all it's FREE!”

Shawn Casemore, Casemore & Co.

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RAPPORTIVE. “I've been a big fan of Rapportive since day one. The tool enables me to convert those I connect with via e-mail over to those in my various social networks. Long gone are the days of copying and pasting email addresses and names in social network search fields! “

Carolyn Van, thirdocean

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ASANA and HIGHRISE. "Task management and sales are paramount for me so these are the two I focus on."

Susan Varty, Headstart Social

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