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Iceculture has assembled hundreds of ice bars like this one to publicize Ketel One, a premium Dutch vodka, at sporting events such as the Master’s golf tournament.

Iceculture Inc.

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The Pontiac Ice Maze, built for the 2005 Canadian Auto Show, had 2,000 blocks and briefly earned Iceculture a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Iceculture Inc.

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This ice restaurant in Dubai was built from blocks created by Iceculture Inc. of Hensall, Ont., and shipped in pieces in refrigerated containers to the emirate.

Iceculture Inc.

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Iceculture Inc. created this scale model of a Mini Cooper out of ice.

Iceculture Inc.

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Julian Bayley (back left) and his wife, Ann Bayley (bottom right), who died in January, turned a hobby into Iceculture Inc., a multi-million-dollar business exporting ice blocks and sculptures. Their children Heidi Bayley (left), who is company president, Christine Rose (centre), the vice-president of sales and secretary treasurer, and Sam Bayley, vice-president of operations, now run the company.

Iceculture Inc.

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