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Even in an economy that’s still recovering from the last recession, businesses continue to treat their customers to the occasional gift. Here are 11 gift ideas for any budget.

Scentportable car freshener. The built-in clip base attaches to your visor, air vent or seat pocket for a scent-sational driving experience.

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Donation of winter survival kit for one homeless person. For $25.00, you can help provide a kit valued at approximately $165.00 dollars which will help keep someone alive and warm this winter.

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$25 TO $50
GEAR4 KeyBeacon Key/iPhone Finder. A sensor attaches to key rings and is activated via iPhone app to mark their location, while an alarm button on the beacon makes your phone sound off so you know where to pull it out of hiding.

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$25 TO $50
Logiix Blue Piston wireless speaker. This portable speaker has a brushed aluminum military-grade shell and built-in low frequency resonance system offering superb sound quality anywhere you go.

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$25 TO $50
La Ferme Martinette maple syrup gift box. The classic green paper box gift-set contains an array of our delicious maple products from our Original Collection.

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$50 TO $100
Framed Dilbert comic strip. Cube life can get pretty dreary. Lackluster lighting, fabric walls and lifeless surroundings can get pretty monotonous pretty quickly. Liven up your habitat with your favorite Dilbert comic strip

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$50 TO $100
HELO TC app-controlled toy helicopter. HELO TC comes complete with a precision twin-rotor remote-controlled helicopter and Flight Deck. The Flight Deck plugs into your device's headphone jack and translates your commands into infrared signals that beam to the helicopter.

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$100 TO $200
Swarovski USB key ring. Embellished with two square Jet Hematite crystals, this sophisticated stainless steel key ring slides open to reveal an integrated 16 GB USB key.

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$100 TO $200
Bosca leather desk organizer. All those little doodads off of your desk – out of the various drawers – and in one place where you can find them

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$200 AND UP
Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. With easy reach, you are able to check several features, including time, messages, music control and so on through the square-shaped touch screen on your watch.

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$200 AND UP
Montblanc StarWalker ballpoint pen. Black precious resin with ruthenium-plated details, a characteristic clip design and the floating Montblanc emblem provide a modern take on Montblanc’s values

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