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Scroll through photos of the Toronto restaurateur's dream car. To read about his "splurge," <a href="">click here.</a>

A view of the Alfa Romeo from the front. Toronto restaurateur David Minicucci purchased the car three years ago for $15,000 and has since spent $60,000 and countless hours rebuilding it.Rick O'Brien/Courtesy of David Minicucci

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David Minicucci leans on his dream car: a 1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV. The Toronto restaurateur's love affair with the vehicle began when he was five.Rick O'Brien/Courtesy of David Minicucci

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David Minicucci, co-owner of L'Unita Restaurant and Malena Restaurant in Toronto, smiles in front of his car. 'It was the first thing I did just for myself,' he says. 'I was so happy, unbelievably happy. It was very romantic for me.'Rick O'Brien/Courtesy of David Minicucci

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The Alfa Romeo under restoration. After buying the car, Toronto restaurateur David Minicucci refurbished it with modern engine parts and vintage body and interior pieces sourced on the Internet and imported from Italy or Brtain.

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The car being restored. For owner David Minicucci, owning the Alfa Romeo is a 'hobby that will never end.'

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The car is painted a dark blood red called 'rosso amaranto.'

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Another view of the Alfa Romeo. The two-door 2000 GTV coupe model, built from 1971 to 1976, was one of the most sporting of the Alfa Romeo series.Rick O'Brien/Courtesy of David Minicucci

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Another view of the 1973 Afa Romeo 2000 GTV. Many modern collectors of the car build modified engines and turn them into racing cars.Rick O'Brien/Courtesy of David Minicucci

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Taking the car out for a spin. To avoid rust, owner David Minicucci only drives the vehicle when the weather is dry. It has also become a promotional piece for his two Italian restaurants; he sometimes parks it outside to help draw in customers.Rick O'Brien/Courtesy of David Minicucci

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Tinkering under the hood of the Alfa Romeo.Owner David Minicucci spends Sunday afternoons cleaning and polishing it, and takes it in for a tune-up every three weeks.

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Closer under the hood. Toronto restaurateur David Minicucci searched for two years before buying his Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV in 2008.Rick O'Brien/Courtesy of David Minicucci

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