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Thoughtful woman (Jupiterimages/Getty Images/Polka Dot RF)
Thoughtful woman (Jupiterimages/Getty Images/Polka Dot RF)


Six ways to get things done and stay focused Add to ...

Discipline is a prerequisite for every entrepreneur. Most people assume that this means they’re able to sit down and finish their work. But that’s only partly true. Being disciplined also means spending time focusing and thinking about those tasks. For example, do you know the purpose of each task? How does it relate to your overall business strategy? How does it affect your employees or your own time? Will it result in customer friendly decision that will drive more sales? Will it help your bottom line?

Thinking before doing is more critical to you think. Consider it this way: Those who only do, will always be the worker bees of the hive. You are a business owner. Don’t you want to be the Queen bee?

Here are six ways to become more thoughtful about your work:

1. Don’t ever just do what you are told without truly understanding why you are doing what you are doing.

2. Avoid auto-pilot.

3. Ask questions! Before you take on a task make sure you know who it will impact in your business, how much of an impact it will provide (positive or negative), and how important the task is to your business and your life. Also, make sure you explore alternative ways to implement the idea. Is there a better way to get you to your objective?

4. If you have ideas or suggestions speak up. The best employees, clients and partners will appreciate the value that you are adding.

5. The more you understand the big picture, the more value you will be able to bring to a given situation. Be strategic, not only tactical.

6. You will better understand the big picture by talking to your management, clients and employees, asking questions and truly wanting to learn.

Thinking also means applying your own intellect to the task at hand. It means contemplating how you would complete a specific objective, rather than just diving in and implementing blindly based on another person’s suggestion – or worse – because you saw another business owner do it. Just because you see another business owner implement a system, idea, task or program does not mean it’s good for your business too! Thinking before doing always yields a more profitable result and it helps you to carve your own path. After all, did you start your business to do things your way or to follow someone else’s lead?

As the founder and president of Engage Selling Solutions, Colleen Francis helps clients realize immediate results, achieve lasting success and permanently raise their bottom line.


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