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Time to dust that hidden box of crayons in your junk drawer: Amanda Lo and Charline Wang of Team Art have a line of colouring books meant for adults that will have you enjoying this childhood past time once more. With titles themed on everything from 'The Evolution of Beyonce,'  to Game of Thrones and Paul Rudd, this design duo has your tastes covered. Need some Parks and Rec tattoos? The design duo has recently released some of those as well.

Team Art

What is your title and role within Team Art?

We are Amanda Lo and Charline Wang. We’ve been working together on Team Art since 2012. We each do a little bit of everything in the company.

We studied graphic design, drawing and painting, but as our business grew we needed to start handling everything from day to day business, bookkeeping, social media, deliveries, and of course the design, illustration and production.

Team Art

Where are you located and how many employees work there?

We are currently working out of our homes in Toronto. We are the only two employees and we do everything on our own.

Team Art

Where do you sell your products?

We sell our products on and shops across North America. We also try to do craft shows where it allows the customer to directly buy from us, face to face.

Team Art

What is something new/innovative that Team Art does?

We create cheeky pop culture colouring books and temporary tattoos. Our products allow us to be creative and to be able to deliver to the consumer at a low cost. The books are intricately designed and are great to buy for friends or to treat yourself for any occasion. They’re collectible and sure to set a smile on everyone’s face. Best of all you can colour your own version and display it however you like.

Team Art

What's Team Art’s design philosophy?

Everything we make should be fun and something that we would like to personally receive or have. Our Jon Hamm colouring book developed from our love of the actor and the many puns we could think of using his name. We like seeing our customer smile so we aim to make products that do so.

Team Art

What's your biggest challenge as a small business?

Some of the challenges we faced were learning the logistics of running a business. We both have art and design backgrounds which only lightly covered the business side. Most administrative duties were self taught. Also, challenging ourselves to create new products and setting deadlines while balancing everything else. As well as developing engaging content for our social media accounts that will reach a new audience.

Team Art

What’s something most people don’t know about your company?

We’ve been friends for years. Some of our best ideas come from us joking around versus seriously sitting down and having a brainstorm session. Our original book was the Boy Bands colouring book, which started as a school project, and we’ve kept it going since then. People also give us suggestions all the time for colouring books and products and we really do take them into consideration.

Team Art

Any advice for entrepreneurs in this business?

If you have an idea or something exciting do your research, work on it, and put it out there because someone else will likely find it exciting and awesome too. Be proud of your work and trust your instincts. You never know where it will take you, the Internet is a magical place.

Shelby Walsh is president and head of research at Trend Hunter.