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designer spotlight

Cure your grief by burning yerba's santa leaves, instill self-confidence with zebra jasper and make dreams a reality with a wishbone charm.

Self-described hippie Sarah Foelske creates enchanting packages of spiritual emblems that will appeal to your inner mystic, not to mention your design sensibility.

What is title and role within the company?

I’m the owner, designer and crafter of Sticks & Stones. I do it all, which is great because it allows freedom and flexibility. When I get stuck, I hire people to help me with things like photography or writing.

Connie Tsang

Where are you located?

I am located between Los Angeles and Toronto - I get to live in both cities and split my time. I love that I can work for anywhere and everywhere, and I do. Often when I travel now my suitcase is half art-supplies.

Jessica Baker

Where do you sell your products?

I sell online I also sell in Pass the Baton, a store in Tokyo and will be in Drake General Store in Toronto in February.

Jessica Baker

What is something new/innovative that Sticks and Stones does?

Sticks & Stones is a collection of objects designed for mind, body and heart.

I started this project first and foremost to spread a positive message, in new and creative format, beautifully packaged. However, in so doing I also saw the potential of creating a business out of an eclectic collection of pretty, interesting and useful objects that could be appreciated by more people if they were presented in a more approachable way.

It’s really as simple as combining the inspiration and power behind crystals, spirit animals and smudge sticks, while innovating around they way they are packaged and presented, enabling these elements to be appreciated by more than just a new age community.

Jessica Baker

What is Sticks and Stones' design philosophy?

Sticks & Stones is about making and spreading positivity. I love making and crafting, Sticks & Stones is all about exploring creativity rather than a specific outcome.

Connie Tsang

What is your biggest challenge as a small business?

The biggest challenge is wearing all the hats -- including the sales hat -- and growing the business while continuing to do what I love.

Jessica Baker

What's something most people don't know about your company?

Most people probably don’t know that much of the inspiration behind Sticks & Stones come from travel. When I travel, I’m exposed to customs and spirituality in other cultures. Witnessing rituals outside of my day-to-day routine usually brings new product ideas to Sticks & Stones.

Jessica Baker

Any advice for entrepreneurs in this business?

Start. I am lucky to be around a lot of entrepreneurs, and I notice that success comes to those who do!