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On March 6, 2014, Report on Small Business partnered with Hamilton Hive to host a networking event for young professionals in the region.

Graphic designers, visual artists, tech entrepreneurs, filmmakers and food-and-drink retailers arrived on the 21st floor of 100 King Street West in Hamilton's downtown core.

Here are some of the highlights from the event.

Key moments were captured on a live blog, hosted on the Globe and Mail’s website. Guests could contribute by using the hashtag #youngtreps.

The views from Hamilton's second tallest building, originally known as Stelco Tower, were spectacular.

With more than 400 registered guests, including young professionals from Hamilton's design, visual arts, tech, film and food scene, the event was the biggest Report on Small Business has ever hosted. Click here for more photos from the evening.

Young entrepreneurs were asked to give their elevator pitches in 10 seconds or less. Here’s the first of two videos.

Stationed in booths lining the room, entrepreneurs showed off their products, services and culinary creations. In this photo, @TheCoffeeTrade serves fair trade coffee to the guests.

The Globe's small business team unveiled its new Young Entrepreneurs Night logo, designed by Kait Bos

Stickers and t-shirts sporting the new YEN logo, created by local marketing agency Flyprint, were handed out during the evening.

One of the event’s most ingenious displays was provided by web design and development company Orbital.

“The Photolauncher was actually the result of a last-minute spark of creativity from our incredibly talented developers Nick Tomkin and Jenny Belanger -  just days before the event,” said Lindsay Kelly of Orbital.

An individual (or individuals) would  stand on a sensor board, which is placed a few feet in front of a camera. The weight on the sensor board  triggers a five-second countdown and when those five seconds are over, a photo is automatically taken and instantly  “launched” onto Twitter. The photos could then be viewed under the event hashtag #youngtreps, or alternatively, by following @GetOrbital

Another highlight of the event was provided by Kitestring, a creative agency based in Hamilton. Known for its thoughtful and strategic work, Kitestring is made up of a small group of people who happened to find themselves in  Hamilton via various journeys and hometowns.

"The inspiration for the piece was to celebrate the city  we all fell in love with and show that yes – lots of people choose to live in Hamilton. The idea was to allow people to step into the installation and to see Hamilton through our eyes, even if just for a second," said Jenn  Hudder, partner and director of operations. 

"After brainstorming, we created a few 1:12 scale models  made out of LEGO and cardboard to make sure it looked just right. Our art director Heather Williams hand  illustrated the buildings in watercolour and then scanned and scaled up the paintings with the largest styrene printed piece more than seven feet tall. 

The backdrop of the piece reads, 'We’re from everywhere but here; nowhere else we’d want to be' and we all choose to remain in Hamilton because of the beauty, creativity and  opportunity we see in this city every day."

Throughout the evening, guests had the opportunity to sample the region’s finest fare. Learn more about its top chefs in the video above.

As guests toured the various stations set up around the space, they were treated to musical performances by latin singer Elizabeth Herrera and singer-songwriter Terra Lightfoot.

Work from local artists was also featured throughout the space. Artists included Stephanie Seagram, Amanda Immurs, Paul Elia and Harold Sikkema.

Between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., our Twitter account @GlobeSmallBiz was flooded. Here are some of our favourite tweets from enthusiastic Hamiltonians.

Special thank you to our partners - Hamilton Hive, Hamilton Economic Development and the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce - as well as to sponsors, performers and everyone else who made our Young Entrepreneurs Night in Hamilton event so memorable.